By Peter Cow

I just watched a snake giving birth, a stampede of horses crossing a road in Reno, a glacier in Antarctica, a cute quokka munching away, a heron eating a lizard, and a caterpillar that pretends to be a snake when its threatened. I don’t know much about Reddit, but this Reddit thread that i visit has some of the most awe inspiring video footage and photos i have ever seen on it, from all around the world. 

I have been hesitating to share it as it has such a strong name, but as it really does enhance my life and my wonder at the world, i have taken the leap to share it this time around.

If you want more videos of lava flows and turtles fighting in your life, more pictures of beautiful mountains and desert flowerscapes, clips of dormice you just have to show someone else, with occasional adverts for computer games and protein powders, and you can stomach the name, I highly recommend the Reddit thread ‘Nature is F*****g Lit