This new camp, based on the Art of Mentoring, will be an embodied village experience of around 100 people, with both ‘whole village’ time, and more informal time and space to develop your passions in small groups, called Guilds.

These ‘Guilds’ will be deepening into, and serving the village in these areas –
Fire, Deep Nature Connection, Basketry, Interspecies Communication, Nature Culture and Soulwork
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The flow and content of the week is based on previous Art of Mentoring camps, exploring how a connected, regenerative culture feels, and how to create it in your own life and community. We’ll explore mentoring techniques, peace building tools and nature connection practices. This new camp also brings more embodiment, involving our full heart, head and hands in our regenerative re-villaging adventure.

In this week of summertime splendour you’ll be wrapped in a fun and transformative cultural container that brings out the best in everyone. You’ll be guided by a team of open-hearted, creative and wild-wise facilitators.

As well as the Guilds and the journeys they go on, there will also be a Village Hearth Space, where the whole village gathers for songs, storytelling, teachings, ceremonies, morning circles and evening fireside times.

This vibrant and connective space is a place to gather around the fire at any time of day, whether its for personal contemplation, sharing stories, checking in with an elder, singing, crafting and more!

We will be welcoming the best selling author and cultural activist Manda Scott along as storyteller and ceremonialist to join us at the Hearth for one evening during the camp. You can hear Manda and Deborah Benham (our Hearth ‘West’ and storyteller at the camp), speaking on Manda’s Accidental Gods podcast here.

Lose yourself in the woods, find your playful side in games on the land, open your heart and senses more deeply, wander on the land, reflect and discuss, gather at the Hearth, be nourished by the core routines of deep nature connection…

The camp is for both adults and children.
We have 20 places for children aged 5-12, and 60 places for adults and teens 15 and over. Children under the age of 5 are welcome alongside a full paying adult, though only some Guilds will accommodate adults with little ones.

Guild places are £680 during May, £740 June onwards, Fox places are £290.

If you want to volunteer at the camp, we have a few spaces available for Kitchen Volunteers – please apply asap to be considered for this role.
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Who Created the 8 Shields?

The 8 Shields Map was developed by Jon Young with the help of indigenous elders. It has a ‘seven generations mission’ to support everyone through effective culture building – helping people to be mindful, happy, full of vitality, focused, empathetic, truly helpful, fully alive and compassionate and loving.

John Young was mentored as a child in deep nature connection, awareness and tracking by Tom Brown Jr, who himself was mentored by Stalking Wolf (the last Apache Scout). Jon was moved to apply the richness and depth of his mentoring experience when he noticed local natural areas in decline whilst in his teens. The predominant culture around him seemed not to care or have solutions. In response he used his own learning to track key elements of connected cultures from around the world, integrating them into youth and community programmes, and delivering them for over 40 years.

Is the Connection Camp For You?

The skills and practices from the camp can support people of all walks of life and ages to be more connected, happier and healthier. They’re especially useful for:  

Teachers and outdoor educators
Coaches and mentors
Community creators and culture designers
People with a yearning for more natural connection
People who live with, or work with, other people

Testimonials and stories from previous Art of Mentoring camps –

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