Foxes is a facilitated nature connection programme for 5-12 year olds, to enable their parents to participate in the adult Guilds.  Children will be encouraged to play and follow their passions and curiosity, with gentle guidance and lots of inspiration from our trained mentors.

What Do Foxes Do ?

Foxes are curious, playful creatures, well adapted to thriving in both wild and urban settings. Through this programme children will be guided on a nature-immersed adventure; exploring, playing games, singing songs, sharpening the senses, making fire and supporting each other as a pack. The foxes experience provides a healthy balance of care and mischief, to leave children happy, muddy and sleepy by the end of the day.

A classic foxes day may include:

Gathering in a circle and doing name games if the group is new, we check in via a ‘paw-ometer’ then share gratitude for something in nature or favourite animal and why. 
We’ll cover a few hazard boundaries then play a game in small groups before moving on to wide games and running around, or practicing animal yoga and animated stories.
Returning back to base with more games to settle and have a snack. Refreshed, we’ll engage in crafts such as weaving, whittling some sort of making (safe tool use is covered). 
After lunch, we sit around fire to digest or playing hiding games, go on a foraging walk for either materials or wild food, returning to base for more crafting.
We may finish with stories around fire, highlights of the day, and quietly winding down, perhaps with a song 


Family Groups 

Family Groups: Please be aware that all Foxes will need to be looked after by their parents or guardians during all meal times, evenings and night times. In the evenings, there will be activities and workshops scheduled. While many evening activities are family friendly, some will inevitably be adult focused. The children will still need to be tended to, so family groups will need to balance both the needs of the parents/guardians taking part in the adult programmes and the needs of the guardians to have some time when they are not in sole charge of the children. Therefore it is possible that at least one parent or guardian may not be able to participate when evening workshop sessions are scheduled

Essential info

  • Prerequisite: none
  • Age: children 5-12 years old welcomed
  • Number of places overall: 20
  • Number of places left: 
  • Arrival: 3pm – 5pm Sunday 4th August
  • Investment price: £290 (payable in instalments)