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Guild places are £680 during May, £740 June onwards, Foxes (aged 5-12yrs) are £290.

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The camp is a nourishing mix of whole group circle time with presentations and storytelling, solo time and small group time in your Guilds.

In these Guilds you will learn new skills, meet up with like minded people, and connect to the land and its life.
You will journey with your Guild every day, late morning and early afternoon. There will be times when you can visit other Guilds for a session or two, but one Guild will be your home and close community for the week.

What would you like to deepen into?

Led by Leona Johnson

This Guild is ideal for people who are new to the 8 Shields and want to get an embodied overview.
Leona is supported by Looby Macnamara.

8 places left

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Step into a world where the whisper of the leaves, the dance of the trees, and the warmth of a shared fire guide us back to our true selves. The ‘Nature Culture’ guild, is a sanctuary for those ready to embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and renewal. It is an open invitation to any adults who are on the cusp of rediscovering their innate bond with the natural world.

With open hearts and curious minds, we’ll explore the ancient wisdom of the Eight Shields model and the principles of Cultural Emergence, forging paths to deeper self-awareness, community belonging, and a profound reconnection with the earth.

We will feel the earth beneath our feet with barefoot walks along dew-kissed trails, enjoy playful games to lighten the heart but also weave us into our natural surroundings, fostering laughter and joyous connections between the group.

We will dive deep into sensory experiences designed to sharpen your perception and awaken a sense of wonder and aliveness that modern life often dulls. Through tried and tested activities, we’ll guide you to feel more fully alive, tuned into the earth, the breath of the wind, and the myriad textures of the forest floor. Each moment is an opportunity to deepen your connection, not only with nature but with yourself and the vibrant community that surrounds you.

About Leona Johnson

Leona Johnson is dedicated life coach, eco-therapist and nature connection facilitator, deeply committed to fostering connections between individuals, communities, and the natural world, guiding people through transformative journeys towards personal growth and fulfilment with a blend of wisdom, compassion, and authentic connection.

Leona has facilited programmes as part of the Eight Shields Model for the past 8 years through Live Wild CIC a nature connection organisation based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. 

She is also a facilitator of the Peace, Empowerment and Cultural Emergence Programme (PEACE) with Looby Macnamara and the Cultural Emergence Leadership Training (CELT).

Led by Kevin Button

This Guild helps people with existing nature connection practices to dive in deeper.
Kevin is supported by Teddy Woolnough.

5 places left

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Are you ready to deep dive into nature? Embark on a 5 day journey by attending the DNC immersion! Through tried and tested practices honed to revitalise our entire nervous system, be sure to tap into base line frequency and go on an adventure!

We will cultivate our sensory field as well as inner compass. We will wander across the landscape, move as a herd, a pack or on individual quests. There will be engaging games to explore our edges, activities to challenge us as well as process that will strengthen bonds. 

We will go through some of the core routines of deep nature connection, an opportunity to immerse yourself in wild culture, lead by nature and supported in our guild. 

You will be invited to immerse yourself in – 

  • the language of the birds
  • holistic tracking
  • learning to read the stories of the landscape (outer and inner!)
  • ancestral crafts as we work with the physical gifs nature has to share with us
  • The art of invisibility (concealment/camouflage)
  • the art of community story-telling
  • awaken your animal body (primal movement)
  • timeless wandering (deep peace) 
  • Cultivate internal compass (intuition)

Prerequisite: you are aged 15 or over and up for an adventure – we advise booking soon!
See you there!

About Kevin Button


Kevin Button passionately weaves international culture and experience to Bridging Nature’s vision. Influenced since he was a boy, Kevin explored forest, building shelters and going on adventures. At University, he went on to study Outdoor Education with Physical Education (BSc) and explored Tibetan Buddhism amongst various yogic schools. After a decade of travelling in Europe and the Americas, cross-Atlantic sailing, adventuring and working on various earth-based farms, ranging from permaculture to regenerative building design, Kevin revisited his boyhood passion to learn directly from lineages that weave philosophical and mystery in relating with nature.

With this dream, Kevin interned and worked with a renowned earth based organisation in the States, Twin Eagles Wilderness School, followed by an apprenticeship at a land-based subsistence farmstead in the Pacific North West for a year. Since his return to the U.K., Kevin has worked (and is still working with) various nature connection based organisations in order to practice his knowledge in the field. Kevin is a certified Forest School Leader, completed his Survival Instructor Training with Trackways, certified meditation and yoga teacher and continuously developing his learning in the field from accomplished nature-based mentors.

Led by Linda Lemieux

Join the Basketry Guild and let your hands be so absorbed in crafting and weaving all week…
Linda is supported by Fran Ellis.

4 places left

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Let your hands be so absorbed in crafting and weaving all week, and find that every little niggling stress drops away, your shoulders sink down, your chin lifts up and the willow works its magic unspoken.

We’ll make a basket or two, oval or round, large or small, into which you might pack all your discoveries of the week, a fitting container of slow release appreciation when home!

The skills I pass on are from the Celtic traditions of making hoops and frames, lashed together with God’s Eyes, ribs woven with different species of willow with their various coloured barks, all organically grown in my Chagford withy bed on the edge of Dartmoor.

The basketry will involve a few basic knife skills, relatively strong hands and there’ll be place for patience and humour a plenty!”

About Linda Lemieux:

I am a Devon basketmaker of some 30 years standing. I ve been involved in the Art of Mentoring since its UK debut in 2009 and led many a Foxes Programme for children on the Camps. Well attuned to the 8 Shields, I lean on the model in all I do whether teaching archaeology students at Exeter University or foragers on The Old Way, or inspiring young people on Craft and Nature Connection events with my Wild Woods ‘n Willow team. I’m keen on passing on traditional skills and my experience and doing anything I can to help foster peoples love of our mother earth.

Led by Jacqueline Buckingham

Learn the ancient skills of telepathic animal communication

8 places left

Click here to find out more about Interspecies Communication

Take a journey to an even deeper connection with the natural world. Listen to what nature and the animals have to say, perceive the true nature and essence of an animal’s unique personality and soul, and discover the world anew from the perspective of the animals.

Mornings will be spent learning the step-by-step processes and techniques to communicate telepathically with other beings. Each day will build upon the skills learned the day before, as you practise with animals you don’t know as well as those in your own life.

Afternoons will be spent out on the land. Explore your newfound abilities as you extend your telepathic sensing to include birds, insects, trees, and whoever else we discover here. You will play with tracking and other nature connection routines, and discover how these support interspecies communication.

Interspecies communication helps us to understand what the more-than-human realms are telling us, allowing us to return to our natural place in the order of things as we work collaboratively and co-creatively with all of life.

About Jacqueline Buckingham

Jacqueline Buckingham is an animal communication teacher and mentor working in Europe, Australia, Africa and online. She began communicating with animals and plants as a child, growing up on the family farm. This profound connection with nature deepened further through her study with aboriginal elders while living in Australia.

As a teacher she was mentored by and worked with renowned animal communicator Anna Breytenbach for several years. She has also studied with indigenous elders from Ecuador and North America.

Jacqueline is passionate about reconnecting people to their love of nature, and helping to restore balance and harmony between humans and the rest of the natural world. www.understandinganimals.org

Led by David SmartKnight

Journey with fire for the week

9 places left

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Fire is one of the 4 fundamental elements from which all life is derived.  On a microscopic level it is at the heart of each of life’s biochemical interactions and yet utterly invisible to us.  On the macroscopic it remains intangible, mysterious, ungraspable – and yet, again, it is fundamental to all we do. 
Consider this, in the universe story of Big Bang, forming subatomic particles, and hydrogen gas clouds that collapse in on themselves to form stars that cook heavier elements, when did fire begin?
The San Bushman say the ancestors dwell in the fire, which is why they always kindle a fire whenever they gather – in order that the ancestors might be present.

The Fire Guild at Nature Connection Camp will be an opportunity to delve into the practicalities and mysteries of fire, beginning with dealing with the many mundane acts associated with tending a fire, such as gathering and preparing wood, to the many different forms of fire according to the purpose for which it is being held. 

Over the course of the camp it is intended that the guild will learn how to kindle a fire using friction, a skill all of our ancestors would’ve had until a few hundred years ago. 
More than this, it is intended that each member of the guild goes away “fired up” in their passion to deepen their relationship with fire. 

About David SmartKnight

Following a thriving career as an IT consultant, for nearly 30 years David has asked: “What does it mean to live sustainably?”.
This has resulted in studying & applying Permaculture, shamanism, Non-Violent Communication, storytelling, teaching, social enterprise, running a smallholding, planting and managing coppice, making greenwood furniture, keeping livestock and holding ceremonies.  All woven into a joyful second career as an environmental educator, devising and delivering European-wide teacher training programs, creating and piloting school sustainability curricula, establishing two award-winning Environmental Education Centres and running eco-build projects as community empowerment exercises.
David considers himself privileged to have spent time with, and learnt from some deeply inspiring teachers including SunBear, Pat McCabe, Jon Young, Meredith Little, Manitonquat, Satish Kumar and Mac MacCartney.   “Sustainability”, he now believes “is a completely inadequate ambition:  what we actually need is regeneration, which, by necessity, requires both personal fulfilment and social justice.” 

Working as mentor, facilitator, ceremonialist and consultant, David describes himself as a “cultural engineer”, devising and delivering programs designed to build “Regenerative Cultures”.  Amongst numerous other endeavours in recent years this has included working in a team with Jon Young on developing his Connection First programme, consulting with the international sufi order of the Inayatiyya Knighthood council on the development of the Green Rules, and delivering numerous programs in support of Extinction Rebellion, all of it deeply rooted in 8 Shields technologies.
In the past year David has worked on numerous Sacred Fire teams, drawing on Lakota and Odawa lineages and stood in for Jon Young delivering a Rekindling Connection camp alongside Grandmother Shore Charnoe on Manitoulin Island, in Ontario, Canada.

David runs a small environmental education project in West Cornwall, designed to give people the opportunity to drop into themselves as nature, in the form of a human being.

Led by Rebecca Card

You are invited into a journey towards Soul

Click here for more info about Soul Work

Soul can be described as the aspect of ourselves, and all animate beings, that is our ‘ecological niche’. The
unique shape, or pattern, that has always existed, that only we, as each individual, can fit into and find
expression through. The way in which we uniquely express ourselves is our unique gift to the world,
which is different to ‘what’ we do. Soul is more concerned with the ‘how’ than the ‘what’.
Soul work, therefore, is the exploration of how we show up consciously as an offering to Life,
as if our place in the complex and miraculous fabric of the wider (and smaller) ecology of the world really
does matter.
The Soul’s home is in wild nature and cannot be accessed from our habitual consciousness. Soul work
offers ways to shift from our habitual consciousness into more open states of consciousness in order to
enter into relationship with the underworld ~ a realm that is deeply alluring to soul and psyche.

Through these days together we will explore different consciousness shifting practices. We might spend time working dreams.  How might our dreams feed the village ?  There will be Deep Imagination Journeys, Embodiment, Wild Mind practices to develop the Facets of Wholeness, practices of reciprocity with the wild others, and journalling.  You can expect time in circle together and time alone with the other-than-humans.  

More about Rebecca

I’m based on the granite and mossed-laden land of Dartmoor where I work as a Nature-based Soul Guide, Human Development Mentor and Cultural Healing Practitioner. I support people to find their authentic selves and to embody wholeness through the body of work developed by Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute cohort with whom I am apprenticing and training in the realms of Soul Initiation.

My passion is to be alongside other humans as we learn together what it means to live as part of the earth’s dream.  To explore different ways of shifting consciousness as a movement towards the greater shift in consciousness I feel is needed at this time. As if our unique expression, our conscious participation is our gift to the world. As if our place here matters.

I guide anyone who is ready through Soul Quests and other practices of the wild by sharing my affinity with the underworld, my love of dreams (both sleeping and waking), journeys into the deep imaginal realm, reciprocity with the other-than-humans and embodiment practices.

I trained with the School of Lost Borders as a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide and I see all of my work with individuals as part of the collective evolutionary shift that is already happening.

I’m also a trained and experienced yoga teacher and Somatic Educator (School for Body-Mind Centering). I trust the body’s wisdom beyond anything the mind can tell us and this is a guiding principle of my work.


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Essential Guilds info

  • Age: all ages and life stages 15 or over are welcome (15-17 yr olds need a guardian present at the camp). Some guilds are open to parents/guardians with children under 5.
  • Number of places in total: 64
  • Arrival: 3pm – 5pm Sunday 4th August
  • Investment price: £680 Early Bird during May, £740 June onwards (payable in instalments if needed)
  • All meals included

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