Find Your Tribe, Let Your Wild Side Thrive!

Create Community You’ll Be Proud Of: Nature Culture Connection Camp

August 4th-10th 2024
The Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire, UK


Do you long to create, connect and belong?

Experience the creative community your heart longs for,  join people of all ages and abilities to learn creative ways of vibrant connection with nature, yourself and each other. Find freedom to share your stories and embrace your gifts, supported by capable and caring mentors. Feel the beauty when you speak your truth with courage and authenticity.
The Nature Culture Connection Camp is powered by a universal cultural map distilled from Indigenous knowledge around the world – creating a cultural container that connects, opens and empowers us all as we start to feel the regenerative village supporting us once more.

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Imagine sitting down in the sun in a field, deep in a shared craft project, feeling a bright and hearty connection to your companions and to your nimble fingers, whilst also noticing how the birds are flying above you

You can hear children excitedly exploring in the woods, learning about all of life as they go…


You know that there is another group of people near you tending to the fires and chopping firewood, you can hear other people learning a beautiful harmony song, and you haven’t seen your friend for hours since they went off to track deer this morning…

The Nature Culture Connection Camp is based on the work of Jon Young and the 8 Shields Model, and is inspired by previous Art of Mentoring camps.
This new camp is based on previous Art of Mentoring camps, and gives more space for people to develop specific skills, and to be more embodied as part of the village.

Have you felt the magic of creative, connective community…